Could have moved mountains

by Sleeptaker

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released February 28, 2015

James Eric Martin - Vocals
Alex Monasterio - Guitars
Noah Anthony Trainor - Bass
Connor Mejias-Mariani - Drums

All music written by Sleeptaker
Produced, Engineered and Mixed by Alex Monasterio at Pigpitt Studios, Santa Fe, NM
Mastered by Augustine Ortiz, Jr. (

Artwork by: Marco Lukini
Layout and Pressing: Augustine Ortiz, Jr. (

Special thanks to Augustine Ortiz, Carrion Kind, Venus and the Lion, Deanna Marshall, and all of our families and friends for their continuing support and encouragement.

Instagram: @sleeptaker
Twitter: @_sleeptaker

Entelodon Records, 2015.



all rights reserved


Sleeptaker Santa Fe, New Mexico

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Track Name: Descent

Tumultuous applause rattling in our heads
Call forgotten names in nameless ditches
Left to fester
Panic reigns

Follow us
There is no end to this endless road
Only a fall from the clear cut lines

Only God knows what we
We became

Please Lord
Tear out my eyes
I could never stand to watch
What I became
In the end

Reality tightens around me
Until my vision gives way
Strangles me
Swallows my sight
As not to see what I have done

As not to see what I have done

I’m hungry
And alone God help me
Blinded by your love
Still I’m crawling down the path you laid for me
My legs gave out, Father
Carry me
Track Name: Retrospect

Pinned down by this
Holding my fragile insides
This waste of life
Searing cold shattering bones in the earth

Reach down
This can't be real
Please say it's a dream
My mistakes buried me
Buried me

Left dead in this body
I don't see resolution

Left dead in this body
There is no restitution
No other way out

Look at me
This is a shell of what I once was
Enlighten the path you chose to walk

Break free of this
Clutching my fragile insides
This waste of life
Entombment muffling cries
Lay still

Oh god
Soul and body
Track Name: Apostasy

Save me a seat next to the shrine of disillusion
Left me
Immaculate confusion
Praying to nothing above

Give me more
Faith is not enough
Spilling cries unhinged my throat
Begging for absolution
Confused by celestial lies

False idols can't save
Scratching surface in my brain
Still longing

Save me
Your lies
Your truths

All alone again
Track Name: Laceration

Should this mortal coil
Resonating within
Fallen slave to this plague terror
Find ruin again

Ill beckons me homeward
To drought ridden fields
Teething reckless it duplicates
Ground zero rises

And breathes right
Exhales like me

The lacerations
Bed sores rotting
Orientation unto my own demise

Masked men unearth my organs in the search for the un-benign
Malignant cells rebreeding
Graceful disposition
In the name of innovation

That’s not
That’s not right
We can’t hide this blight
How can you not see
It takes over me

I’m shattered

Viscera spread
Mouth agape for the vermin

Viscera spread
Holding knives
Whispers give in

I will not falter
I won’t give in
I will not falter
Read me the print
Track Name: Dissolution
Here is where the ties are severed

Carnal home
Lungs fighting for a breath

Has another hour passed by
My consciousness
Slipping away

Strangers carry
Fragile remains
Strangers carry
What's left of me
Wasted effort

Gaze upon misery
Forever wandering
Left to rot no longer
I look back
Track Name: Separation
Lights waltz
All around them
All Around us
Watch myself lying dying out

Watch myself lying dying out

“Wait” she says
“This world without you’s far too dim”
Whispers to exhale but she can’t breathe it in
Don’t worry dear I’ll be there
Don’t fret my dear I’ll be there soon

Left in admiration
I, The specter crave more attention
Grip my hand so

I wont return
These lights around me utter "no"
My sunken stomach pulls me home
Home again
Her voice falls light on deafened
Her voice falls light on deafened ears

“But now I understand you
Please take me with you if you can”

Dare I breathe

Fester fester
I can’t go out like this I can’t
Forgive myself
For leaving you here all alone

Wheeled away slowly
Wheeled away
No prayer
Not this time
Carried Home
Track Name: Vacuity

We alone in the dark writing on the walls
My name means
My name means nothing to me now

I can’t help but to think that these hands could have moved mountains

I look up to nothing with broken hands
I reach for nothing
For broken glass

My honest indisputable regret is key
This wretched intimacy is all I have left

With a taste for denial you can’t get all this out of my head
I cant wait to see you on the other side
I can’t be for nothing like last i tried

“It’s alright”
She Said
“I can’t
I can’t thank you enough for Being
and being here with me”